The QBR Leadership Process has been implemented with great success in a number of high tech companies.  The QBR is a proactive planning process which focuses on identifying a company's top objectives and then putting into place a quarterly planning and execution process to accomplish these.

The following are outcomes that you will experience from putting this process into place:

Team Development for Sustainable Results

A more proactive management approach and culture
Greater visibility and transparency
Key obstacles to success are discussed & addressed
Improved teamwork
Better and more consistent accountability
Greater empowerment
More is accomplished and faster!
Team Building and Effective Communication Workshops

Effective communication and good teamwork provides a competitive advantage while lack of these squanders success.

SGI's facilitated workshops are proven in improving both organizational communication and teamwork. A core competence for SGI is in addressing difficult and conflict provoking issues in a productive manner. Each workshop culminates in participants having increased awareness, new skills and a specific action plan to pursue.

Leadership Training and Executive Coaching

SGI provides leadership training for both new and experienced organizational leaders.

Individual assessments are conducted and training and development plans are created. Leadership training is provided both in workshop settings as well as through one-on-one personal coaching.

QBR Leadership Process
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