These sales tools help focus both sellers and buyers on the unique advantages your solution offers. By integrating these tools into the SGI Power Selling System your sales force is able to sell in a more consultative fashion and at a higher level within the organization.

SGI Sales Tools Include the following:

Qualification Matrices: Determine which opportunities represent the most probable and profitable business. Highlight areas that need further sales analysis. Reduces forcasts surprises.

Objection Handling Guides:
Helps your sales force handle objections in the most accurate, confident and effective manner.

Consultative Questioning Guides: Allows your sales force to sell consultatively, build trust and confidence. Help ensure all potential sales opportunities are uncovered.

Financial Justification Tools: Helps your sales people clearly, credibly and consistently communicate the compelling financial benefits of your products and services. This is a must have in today's selling environment.

Presentation Models: Provides a framework for more professional and effective executive presentations.

Proposal Models: Allows a sales person to generate winning proposals.

Tools that Gain & Maintain Your Competitive Edge.

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